New tunes

by Jeremy McKemy



Songs that never made it on any particular album, but I thought might be worth sharing.


released October 1, 2010

Music arranged by, performed by, and written by Jeremy McKemy. Vocals by Jeremy McKemy



all rights reserved


Jeremy McKemy Asheville, North Carolina

Moving in a new direction. Much bliss and joy on my new path.

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Track Name: Work in Progress or The Sidewalk
[verse 1]
I'm so tired of running in circles
be still and be here
I'm half tired, but layin awake
oh be still my last fear
you hold the door to my darkest room
why do you leave it open?
you say there's healing in the light
but why does it scare me so?

so don't give up on me no
i'm often so stupid and shameless
a work in progress much too slow
don't leave me like chalk on the sidewalk
so don't give up on me no
i know i'm this stupid and helpless
a work in progress i've been told
don't shake me off here on the sidewalk

[verse 2]
why aren't you off in the distance?
i'll pretend that i don't care
much too tired and lonely, rejected
to fight against your hand
why'd you open the door to my heart
it's a graveyard with death and decay
vulnerability leaves me scared
but will you abandon me?

i'm much too weary
from playing these games
i'm taking steps with you,
i'm learning to dance
Track Name: This Cycle (unfinished)
this cycle breaks me like a hurricane
this cyclone brings about the heavy rains
it's gonna take the very best of me
to crush this down again

disperse the gloomy clouds that come at night
death's shadow crawls, death's shadow
wings grow from thorns and from the stormy nights
fly above it all, fly above it
Track Name: Lost Bird
{Stanza 1}
Wherever I go, whatever I say
I'm a lost bird
Whatever I do, leads far away
and I'm gone now
Come downtown fire of night
and I'll see you
Darkness breeds, restores my sight
I'm a lost bird

Hey, I'm a lost bird

{Stanza 2}
Your smile's fake, just like you
but I'm fine now
When you're gone, you haunt me
and I hate you
I wish I could bring this to an end
and destroy you
This sorrow breeds, this passion kills
I'm a lost bird

Come back now, and I'll see you
Come back now, and I'll touch you
Come back now, and I'll know you
Come back now, and I'll taste you

{Stanza 3}
Considering now, your friendly gaze
but can you warm me?
Will I run, or give love a chance?
I don't know yet
I pray that you make a certain end
to this sadness
Or give it a rest and leave me alone
with my madness