Don't Tell Me I'm Sick

by Jeremy McKemy

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This album tells of the very bleak spiritual condition of our nation. We are a world wrapped up in materialism, to which the church has shown no immunity.

The album tells a story as the character is at first in denial that there is anything wrong in the first place, and he slowly comes to grip with reality and his need for grace.


released March 3, 2009

Jeremy McKemy played guitars, bass, drums, banjo, synths, and all other assorted noises in addition to singing.



all rights reserved


Jeremy McKemy Asheville, North Carolina

Moving in a new direction. Much bliss and joy on my new path.

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Track Name: Emasculation Nation
do we know who we are?
do we know where the back streets take us?
there is nothing to do
we feel the power of emasculation

feeling fine, yes i'm
in control, no i
won't explode again
no escape, in this
life, we aim to please
but we think nothing's wrong

i love the way that you move
can you feel my motives trembling
i am writing to you
i feel the power of someone shaking

feeling fine, yes i'm
in denial, no i
won't allow you in
selfishness is my
way to play, i'm a
lock and chain to myself

why am i always by myself?
i can't find the reasons though i went to a shrink
i'm looking for fulfillment no one seems to notice
i tried another girl but she didn't have the answer
i know there's something missing inside
but i can't put a finger on the elusive problem
i'm wrapped in myself why can't they understand
i'm about to self-destruct someone send me a life boat
Track Name: O King Deliver Me
once again you came into this blissful sense of never knowing why
you pulled it from a paragraph, you slipped into this slimy mess inside
let's pretend oh once again you never opened up enough to fly
the King will find you in your chair or in your bed always you abide

O King, deliver me
O King, deliver me, yeah
I'd no idea, I was so blind
O King, deliver me
O King, deliver me, yeah
Everything is out of my mind

with a pen i write in prose this ordinary sense now he replied
a verse is to rhyme this public hymn a tale is to sing a passing song of woe
so let's pretend oh once again that dreams have legs and walk through passerby's
now i can never see the end, but at least i have Your joy down deep inside

let's take a journey down a road we've never seen or even questioned why
i love the coolness of the rain i love the life that passes through in green
the King has given everything his spirit courses through us by and by
He girds my heart i'll stand with him he burns His fire in the night sky
Track Name: Capital I
all i want is entertainment
something fun to suck my brain out
such a shame this wasted vision
can you help me? just clean my dishes
i can't stand to miss that episode
my TV is better than real life
maybe i'll be the next winner
could you at least just cook my dinner?

well i oughta know what i oughta need
but everything you say drives me crazy
i'll take what want cause i always need
and don't you try to ever stop me
and i won't take your useless excuse
to knock down my door and take me hostage
to your ways of thinking through
eternity just drives me crazy

that new car will earn me respect
i'll drive it fast and maybe reckless
like my life i feel is hopeless
but the doctor said that i'm actually normal
my biggest fear is other people
what they think is overwhelming
but i know that i don't really need them
i'm so confused, could you cook some dinner?
Track Name: Healing Reprimand
inclement the atmosphere is
development is dashed away and
affection tries to draw me close
as i shove your face with my poison

you said you won't leave me
but i just can't understand
i'm nothing but trouble
you're the healing reprimand
you spoke what is over
and what is yet to come
your love it flows through me
you're the healing reprimand

grace has never left me homeless
love has always pierced my darkness
every time i sink in chaos
i find you will not let me perish
Track Name: Don't Tell Me I'm Sick
so i didn't think about another birthday
if you're really lucky i'll remember today
though i'm self absorbed
am i really to blame?
when i am always told that it's always 'bout me
they told me in my school that i'm something special
the people on the TV say that i deserve it
i don't even know if my life has purpose
i don't even know where my head is at

you can't tell me my devotion
lacks a simple forward motion
you can't tell me that i'm sick
just cause i can't breathe
it's because i don't care
you can't tell me that i'm crazy
life is simply overrated
you can't make me divulge feeling
that would cause a sick devotion

why'd you even think to bring up my past
i'd rather just leave it and bury the axe
if i we don't think about tomorrow
then maybe we forget all about today
i rarely feel good, but i think i'm right
why do you always think i'm trying to hide
from your loving face that can bring tomorrow
from your outstretched grace that is here today
Track Name: Sign On
you come and fall in your midnight chair
the fast cars driving everywhere
this town is crazy, it's crawling in the night
i need escape rope, walking on the line

there's no present and we lose our heads
our rock n roll and our laughs
do the best to bury a past
so won't you join, let's get out of here

sign on to the long ride
sign on, sign on
sign on to the breaking glass
sign on, sign on

i dream of mountains i dream of fire
you called me up, higher than it all
your new mercy waits for us there
so mount on wings, let's go for a ride
Track Name: The Great Pause
let's take a picture of this
self celebration because
we're told we're living
the golden age the perfect ways
we've got no worries, no more
unless it's about us, oh yes
it's everything we wanted
we need i need we need some m ore
and all you ever do is whine
and all you ever do is cry
and all you ever think about
is so far away
can you hear your spirit dying
can you hear the whisper sighing
and all you ever think about
is so far away
carried on the wings of fire
coursing through the streets below
His Spirit searches through the earth
for a willing heart
let's think about eternity
throw comfort out the window there
let His Spirit move in us
and make a difference now
there's a life beyond selfishness
it brings such beauty with it
so drop the hell dust
and live again o live with Him
a cynics's cold words can kill
but a gentle answer can heal
He brings us tidings
of hope and peace and joy and love
Track Name: Stranger at The Door
so what's the danger in having more?
it's not like i have all i want
what do you mean give all i have
my comfort and security
this life would just not be the same
i claim my right to chase my dreams
who are you to tell me that i'm wrong
i can't let go of my treasures no

Hidden thoughts while I'm a stranger
what's a life worth, while in danger?
Who'd a told you what this world is
oh no they lied they lied
who's the broken man, at the front door
why's he crying for America?
he says we perished in material
oh no he lies he lies

i am entitled to all
the shiny things that catch my eye
our country land of liberty
thank you Lord we know everything
i'm always open to your help
just don't make me give up anything
i'm just like all my other friends
America, who's this knocking at our door?
Track Name: Sofly Come
sweetly now
so tenderly
i wait for thee
somewhere out in here (change)
softly now
grace has come
and spilt her blood
somewhere out in here

you softly come
you meet me here

gracious love
made a way
a healing place
somewhere out in here
perfect peace
came to rest
upon my head
somewhere out in here
Track Name: Brand New Start
[verse 1]
you watched me while i laid the bricks
mortar on back blood on my hands
you wait while i strangle myself
rivers in my hands brokenness befalls

i missed you, my lover
passed by you, so blindly
i seek to hide from you
o save me
destroy this surrounding
my walls an old fortress
i hide here but wait for you
o come find me

[verse 2]
you break the bricks piece at a time
such a lovely touch and a perfect smile
a healing balm your words to me
giving what you have, leaving none of me

you're deeper than my ocean
much deeper than
i could never hide my darkest parts from you
you tear down these walls
with such gentle love
bring me to my knees as i cry out to you

you found me, my lover
never gave up on my mess
i seek a brand new start
you gave me back my heart