Assembling The Propaganda Machine

by Jeremy McKemy

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This album tells many stories, some very personal. For more information on each song, read the lyrics and also see my comments.


released August 1, 2010

All music, vocals and other unassorted noises by Jeremy Mckemy



all rights reserved


Jeremy McKemy Asheville, North Carolina

Moving in a new direction. Much bliss and joy on my new path.

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Track Name: Age of Innocence
Free these eyes of mine
I'm distracted by this
disease in my life
Can a savior reach so far?

You remind me of the
childhood memories
when I played with Innocence
In front of your chair
In front of your grace
Can we go back home?

You've taken away
the punishment
we threw away the rules
but you purified our lips
My ears ring from you
from the calling in my
heart heals from you
thank you for life
Track Name: Narcissism
What I am what you are
don't you say it to me
I've got feet I've got hands
but I cry when I breathe
Hit the dope that we smoke
It will take it away
all the pain & make believe
I don't want it to stay

Here we are now
entertain us
I believe that
It's contagious
Not alone in this
awful prison
We need help from
this narcissism

Deadly values
I don't what
what to say and
is my heart shut?
Keep the peace and
we'll buy a prison
should I trust you?
oh narcissism

I've got breathe, you've got life
Let's not waste it away
Emptiness is no bliss
on your way to get high
I was told there's a road
that is very old
But it still brings out life
for all the passengers here
Track Name: Better Days
Hmmm them better days
we liked 'em all that way

{verse 1}
Living in the past doesn't seem so frightening
Visiting the old times seems so nice
I'd rather have a day without the future
Than stare in the face of the unknown

Hmmm them better days
we liked 'em all that way

{verse 2}
Maybe trust doesn't come so easily when
You simply can't keep up with the times
I'm living in a day that I want to bring back
My ignorance is bliss, well, some of the time

My family's gone
My friends have died
Is there any point, to hanging on?
They left me here, at an old folk's home
Why do I have to be alone?
Track Name: Wait for June
I'll be back next June
I'll be back for you

Every time I step outside
heartless blasts of ice dig deep
stinging face and bone till death
hiding in a past so dark
Every time I think of winter
every heartache that you enter
I'll be waiting in your tears
I'll be waiting here for summer
(I'll be here till summer time)
Track Name: Liar
{verse 1}
Don't believe him
No, don't receive him
He's the father of lies
for reasons well known
He'll tickle every fantasy until he brings you out
Then he'll beat you and scream at you, until he takes your soul

Then you'll see that he's a liar
That he's a liar to your heart
And then you'll know
I keep on trying, I keep on trying

{verse 2}
He's so tempting
and he'll make you want more
He'll study you till he
Finds what you desire
He'll tickle every fantasy until he brings you out
Then he'll beat you and scream at you, until you're finally his
Track Name: Unsweet Lullaby
Through the unsweet lullaby, you found a way inside
Dug the trenches in my mind, your ghost comes back to me
Through the darkness of our sleep, to the backside of our dreams
But you're the one I'll let not stay, I've cast you far from here

You can't, you won't, you poison all the sunshine in me
Track Name: Voices in The Noise
You're calling out to me
You're calling out

Take me up to new heights
You bring me up
Take me up to new heights
Through your love
Track Name: Testing The Limits
Through eyes feeling numb and far
truth hurts where I'm from she said
Is there an easy way to throw
off this blanket of shame that's right?
Track Name: Out in The Ocean
{verse 1}
Once in a while, I will find
your soothing smile, is out of mind
as waves beat in front of me
out in the ocean again

In your gentle heartbeat, I am warm
your words they melt me, like before
but I find I am swimming
out in the ocean again
out in my ocean again

{chorus 1}
Call my name, but I'm gone
sunburned eyes, where'd you go?
the lonely sea, is a way
for me to hide the pain
Beckon me, but will I come?
Don't think I, missed the boat
your precious love, changes things
when I allow you in

{verse 2}
I found the answer, so I thought
dark grew like cancer, as I fought
the infection that holds me
out in the ocean again
A new name you carved me on a rock
adoption sought me, and I found
no need to hide me out in the ocean again
out in the ocean again

{chorus 2}
Call my name, and I will run
to your arms, you overcome
the lonely sea, that was my heart
your love has set me free
Beckon me, and I will come
don't think I, will miss the boat
your precious love, changes things
when I allow you in
Track Name: Too Much to Ask
{Verse 1}
Could this be another soldier down?
Do I hear another mother crying?
Does feeling pain make us alive?
Why is it, why is it?
We all march to a different tune, they say
But whose bright orchestra are we all playing
When we unite as a human race?
Who you gonna save, who you gonna save?

How can we love, without the source of love?
We are divided, we need a savior
But who's it gonna be, when we can't see past ourselves
How can we live, without the author of life?

{Verse 2}
Every plan I hear is wishful thinking
The symptom's treated but the source is growing
We can't go on ignoring this
Who we trying to fool, who we trying to fool?
The brightest answer lies in front of us
Lost in the sea of ordinary
Cause the world's just so sick of him
Who we gonna save, who we gonna save?
Track Name: Cold October
Make these wishes into something new
Destroy my life where I can't find you
From birth to beauty in your midnight sky
This cold October leaves me wondering why

My bed is soft and my fortress warm
You've blessed me here with a gorgeous wife
The crayons are fading but there's always glue
This cold October bites my fingers and nose